Aura Readings

An aura is described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with their energy .

Auras can be contagious, which is why you start to feel extra happy if you’re around Peoples that are positive it will help you feel the same way … positively happy .

From an early age, I could clearly see the aura, Its an Energetic Energy field around our bodies ….

If your a sensitive …. Not being Being with that someone who’s is calm & positive you can feel Drained..& Negative

when you’re around someone who’s Aura is simultaneously similar you will feel greatly happy in their company .

Getting your aura read is basically getting to know what’s going on in your life right now ! Knowing what makes you happy & also knowing what’s not good well for you … a true psychic can also pick up what’s going to change in your Aura in the future ,

just by reading your Aura in a clear photo of you .

if you’re experiencing a drastic mood change due to your horrible person in your work place or even-more-horrible boyfriend, your aura will likely reflect that. And other things like physical and emotional trauma or illnesses can also change your aura.

  • Red: A red aura means you’re confident, strong, and aggressive. You go, girl.
  • Orange: You are likely in good health and have lots of energy!
  • Yellow: Yellows are optimistic, intelligent, and free. They are very full of life.
  • Green: Greens love nature. A lot of the time, they’re associated with growth.
  • Blue: Blues are caring, empathetic, and definitely sensitive.
  • Violet: You are spiritual, wise, and artistic! Definitely went to a liberal arts school.
  • Earth tones: The tans and browns of the aura color spectrum are grounded (makes sense). They are also career driven and love working with their hands.