You predicted I would meet my future husband and he’d have a round face and prone to putting weight on. (Which he does!) you were taking to my Nana she said that she watches my daughter playing with the toy box under the telly (that’s exactly where it is) you said you can see my daughter in her playhouse in the garden (we’d only just bought and painted a little play cottage for her) you said you could see me with a boy and I’d have problems with high blood pressure which I did and a boy I had. You named my mother in law by name. You said my mother has trouble with her hearing (she’s deaf in one ear) and that my brother will never leave home, too many gravy dinners! (That’s a run in joke in our family) and finally you said I will work with children with special needs. I started a job as a classroom assistant with special needs children in October.

I am so amazed by your gift and I am so grateful for the help and support you have given me.

Thank you Diane.