Former Guardsman Alan Barry from Sutton Coldfield and Psychic Consultant Diane Lazarus

Psychic Investigations: Case of Mark Green

Sex shop murder, ITV Wales News

Diane gets involve in a unsolved murder case in Wales.

Diane was 1 of 10 psychics to take part in Channel 5 show with Trisha Goddard.

EXCLUSIVE: Psychic solves the secret of Jordan and Peter Andre’s ‘cursed’ dream home

Natasha Clyant visited medium Diane Lazarus in the hope of getting a comforting message from her late dad – but the medium ended up sensing she had cervical cancer.

A heartbroken mum told how she has turned to a psychic detective to help trace the killer of her 15-year-old son, saying: “My boy needs justice, he needs to rest in peace.”

AS THE College of Policing says leads from mediums should be considered during an investigation, two mystics tell us how they have helped to solve cases.