Meet Your Spirit Guides


Your spirit guides are there to support you, Diane will help you visualise with her own personal technique’s Our Angels inspire and protect you & try to help you understand they are there for you Diane will help you Build a relationship with them enables them to help you more.

During this course you will meet your spirit guides and start building that special relationship with them.

Course details:

this session is approx 1 hour 30 mins one to one session via zoom. Or FaceTime , or what’s app .

Diane will connect with your spirit guides and give you any messages they have for you .

You can also ask a few questions you might have for them.

The session will be one to one with Diane on FaceTime .



Do you want to receive guidance throughout your life on matters related to your spiritual development, career, health and heart?

Your Spirit guides can be a wonderful source of information, encouragement, guidance and support.

But you have to know who they are and develop a relationship with them.

Diane has helped dozens of people connect with their own guides — both through mediumship and intuitive readings and by leading them through a meditation so they can meet and begin a relationship of their own.

We connect with them as individual personalities in order to connect with different aspects of our own soul.

In this online class we’ll cover:

  • What Spirit guides are and aren’t (at least not usually)
  • Why you have them
  • Their role in your development
  • How to get to know them
  • A Spirit guide meditation in which you’ll meet one or more guides

Sound interesting? Take this course and learn more.

What you’ll learn:

  • The different kinds of entities commonly called Spirit guides
  • Why it’s important to develop relationships with your guides
  • The roles your Spirit guides play in your development
  • How your Spirit guides most often show up
  • How to get to know one or more or your Spirit guides